Cameron began investing in the US equities markets in 2011 while working as an analyst intern at Track research, the macroeconomic and FX research firm; but he has been an avid follower of technology all of his life. Over the past five years, using his own savings as well as funds from friends and family, Cameron built a very successful tech equity portfolio, steering it to achieve consistent growth despite frequently unstable global financial conditions.

During his early tenure, Cameron learned much about what it took to be both a great trader as well as a prudent investor. But he also identified a unique niche in the field of biotechnology. By applying his financial expertise to this new niche market, Cameron developing a focused, long term investment approach to the new emerging biotech market. According to Cameron, “I formed BBIA because I have a vision of what the next twenty years of biotech will bring and the changes and advances to medicine will be astounding! My research—and the research of others— continues to convince me of the dramatic market opportunities available to the thoughtful and longsighted biotech investor. The exciting biological and technological advances are opening up new possibilities for all of us and my goal is to grow BBIA into a best of class investment firm that allows many people to participate in biotech investment easily.”